Published on Apr 12,2021 : 12:01 AM

|| साम, दाम, दोंड, भेद ||
The four things to make a man powerful.
Every Problem Has Two Solutions – “भाग लो या भाग लो”
Taking care of yourself in the first place is better than being cured. So make sure to keep strong, unique passwords with different signs and symbols. Never use same passwords for everything. Keep At-least 20 Characters as Your Password Which Is Used to Access Wi-Fi. Use password manager like LastPass. Don't panic if you forget passwords specially in case of government websites. More than 3 attempts and the account gets blocked. Public WIFI is risky. Don't connect to them. Always enable two factor authentications. Always use latest and updated versions of everything. Never Keep Company Name as Router’s SSID (name). Check each and every URL before clicking, including links and buttons. Check the websites while inserting your information. Https is a protected website so during payments or transactions it's the safest. Bugs are a secret way for hackers to enter your life. Be careful while using cracked versions or instead use student versions. Where there is a will to learn many doors open up. Keep your information safe in pen drives or hard disks. Sleep without your phones in your room. Use wired CCTV if possible. Before playing games read the privacy policies and before riding advanced cars take proper guidance. Learning is always helpful. And if it's useful in our lives why not make a shot. Linux- a great OS, with high security, stability, easy to use flexible, an open source and importantly free!
There are many virtual schools providing degree without age restrictions. Online education does help to set us goals if we do it appropriately. Support and encouragement is the best way to motivate people. Don't judge a person by his phone's brand! Check the requirements the ram, storage, refresh rates while buying a phone, laptop or computer... Use 5g it is safer and more stable. It will bring revolution in IOT. Never AGREE anything before reading it. Your life is important. Keep it safe and protected.
Don't let your phone's trap you!
Don't let them be literal CELL PHONES!