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   (Source- Google)

(Source- Google)

चाणक्य ने कई साल पहले कहाँ था, “आदमी को शक्तीशाली बनने के लिए चार चिजों की जरूरत पडती है।

* साम*




साम याने कोई कार्य समझा के पुरा करना । दाम याने कोई कार्य के बदले मुल्य चुकाना । दंड याने सजा देकर कोई कार्य को पुरा करना । भेद याने संबंधित व्यक्ती के गुप्त रहस्यों का इस्तमाल करके अपने कार्य के लिए मजबूर करना ।

You may think what I am trying to write about चाणक्यनिती or about world of tech……… Actually I am trying to explain you the connection between चाणक्यनिती and Social World (daily updates ) when we update our daily life on social media : साम दाम दंड is in our hand but….. भेद (the secrets ) are controlled by HACKERS.

“Hacking Is Not A Crime, It’s A Profession Till The Time You Play With It Safely …….”

Nowadays we can access the internet at cheaper rates we all have stuck to it. As in our daily life we update the situations of our life on social media but is it safe?… If you ask me I would say “never”. Not only the data or photos you upload on social media but the data or photos which are stored in your smartphone are also considered as social media. You save your personal data on phone 📱, laptops 💻, computers🖥, which can be anytime anywhere be hacked. So I prefer to use pen drives or hard disks to store your data.

“Now It’s Expensive To Make Things Private And Cheap To Make Them Public….”

You can observe, your accounts are interlinked to each other. If you search a product on amazon or any shopping app you can observe the same product or related products on your social media accounts (fb / insta ) or on google.

Usually we keep our names or mobile numbers as passwords and there we get mistaken. If we keep our numbers as passwords then there are more than 36000 combinations ready with hackers and our password is in one of them. So, to reduce the possibility of being hacked we should keep a strong password by using symbols. There are many more websites such as “” where we can check how strong our password is.

“Passwords are like underwear, don’t let people see it, change it very often and you shouldn’t share it with strangers….. “ ————- Chirspiriloo

If we go in brief, the passwords we keep for FB/SOCIAL SITES are in words or numbers, but when it gets saved to their data, it gets saved in different languages and this is termed as “Hashing Algorithm”. For examples, If we keep our password ‘Tanishq”, in their data it is saved as “b3b16ba3c6l6de372d2b72134bcoc”. There are many hackers who use Hashing Algorithms to crack our passwords. The password we save shouldn’t be a dictionary word as hackers can use dictionary attack or brute force attack to hack our passwords.

All hackers are not bad. Many hackers use hacking as their profession and to feed their families 👪 and to help common people to stop the cyber crime.

“Hackers is just not about hacking, it is about making too… “

Taking care is better than to cure…

Brain Tattoo:-

  1. The passwords we keep should be strong.

  2. The passwords we keep should contain a symbol or special characters.

  3. The password we keep shouldn’t be a dictionary word.

  4. Our personal information should be always stored in hard disks or pen drives.

(Source- Google)


Next blog will be coming soon and will be more deeper than this.


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