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Apple, Iphone by reading this name what’s the first thing come in your mind most of you would say brand, company, price etc..

Now a days Phones have become such a populer that one judges other by seeing his/her phone’s brand if one has Iphone then he/she is great so people by Iphones just because of brand but do you know the benefit’s and loss of Iphone or Android. Just don’t buy a phone because of it’s brand but do see it’s features ya, means I don’t say that brand dosen’t matter, it matter but not that big…

The main features apple has is less unnecessary stuff, and best security. And if you ask about android then it gives us many options, more choises are available. Then if you talk about some important features then it includes 1.Ram, 2.Storage, 3.Camaras, 4.Refresh Rate, etc…

IOS is like a carefully curated art gallery. Steve Jobs aimed for Apple’s products to be works of art. Apple believes that it’s the creator’s job to show people what they should want.

Android is a noisy, bustling craftshop with lots of workers banging out new products.

We need both — art galleries and workshops. Both are creative, but each serves different roles. And you must support and understand both to succeed in a technology world.

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives that they’ve become more than accessories. In fact, many people sleep with their smartphones, and nobody likes to hear about someone insulting their bedmate.


So now a days many of you would be thinking of buying a new laptop / computer because of online education or work from home but you may be confused which laptop/computer you should buy so again there are some similar features like I told in first topic that is Ram and Storage but other main features you should look while buying a laptop / computers are graphic card, it’s generation, etc.

Now if your thinking how would we decide that which ram is good for your work then no worry I am here it,s all depended on your work if your thinking to buy a laptop / computer for your education / office work purpose then 8 GB ram is enough but for higher education it is depend upon which and how many software you are going to use. And same about storage.

“I pull out my laptop, which is probably the most advanced piece of technology , and set it up on a stack of heavy books, all from the Wayback-list. The shiny Laptop looks like a hapless alien trying to blend in with the quiet stalwarts of human civilization I crack it open – glowing alien guts revealed! And that helpless becomes the most helpfull aliean……”😅😅

Brain Tattoo :

  1. Don’t judge anyone buy there phone’s brand .

  2. While buying a phone check its features like ram, storage, refresh rate, etc…

  3. Both iPhone and Android are creative and have there loss and benefits you should understand them to be successful in technological world.

  4. First list your requirements and then buy a laptop/computer.

  5. More the work or more softwares would require more ram and more storage.


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