Should we use a crack version or not it is safe or not in this blog we will talk about it……..

Don’t Let Your Happiness Depend on Something You May Loose….

This quote means a lot but today we are going to relate it with world of technology. Today everyone has a laptop, computer and smartphone and it has crack apps and softwares we all are dependent on it but what if i say its unsafe….

In our day to day life we all prefer to use crack versions rather than paid. We think why should we pay if we get it for free.

But beyond this all of this is that don’t know the work or the method to build a crack apps or software. To build a crack app or a software a programmer or a hacker just do some changes in the code and all it is said a crack version. But some of them contain a malicious virus when it is entered in our device our device gets slow or gets crashed.

I don’t prefer you to use crack apps or softwares but if you do it just check your full device whether any other app or a software is installed with it and read full terms and conditions.

When The One Door Closes The Another Opens….. But We so often, look so long upon the closed doors that we do not see the ones which are open for us…….

If we don’t want to pay for app or softwares you can use a student version of it. Many softwares provide you a student version for free otherwise student versions has less charges.

To build a app or a software a lot of coding is required. A small mistake while coding gives a chance to a hacker and that small mistake is termed as a bug………

There are bugs in everything thats how hackers get in……

In every app or softwares bugs are present as no one is perfect.

If you use crack versions your firewall like quick heal, avast antivirus, windows defender etc. Didn’t work properly and your saved keystrokes or passwords won’t be secured.

When the way is clear HOW? is easy…….

I won’t say that all crack apk or softwares are unsafe but if one witj clear mind removes a bit part of code of paid versions then the crack apps are safe.

Taking care is better than to cure…

Brain tattoos –

  1. A small change in a code of paid versions make a crack version.

  2. A small change in a code is termed as a bug.

  3. If you use crack version check whether any other app or a software is installed with it.

  4. Use student version of paid version rather than a crack version.


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