Data Breaches…

What is a data breach, when does it occurs ?

Data Breach – It is an security incident when a company is hacked all its user data is available to sell on dark web, data breach exposes confidential, sensitive, or protected information to an unauthorized person. Not only company, anyone can be at risk of a data breach — from individuals to high-level enterprises and governments.

Most popular ways used by a hacker to break into a companies are –

  1. Phishing Attack (Social Engineering ) – Hackers here try to be someone else whom we trust.

  2. Malware Attack – Our device’s operating system, software, hardware, or the network and servers we’re connected to can have security flaws.

  3. Brute Force Attack – In a more brash approach, hackers might enlist software tools to guess your passwords.

Will talk about these attack in deep in future blogs .

In this data breach all of our information including our Name, Phone numbers, Email Id, Passwords, Password hashes, IP addresses, Payment logs, etc. are leaked.

There Are Only Two Types Of Companies – Those That Have Been Hacked And Those will be…And now that is also merging in one category – Those That Have Been Hacked And Will Be Again….. Robert Mueller

Many of companies like –

  1. Yahoo data breach 2017

  2. Facebook data breach 2019

  3. Twitter data breach 2018

  4. LinkedIn data breach 2012

  5. Dubsmash data breach 2018

  6. Adobe data breach 2013

  7. Aadhaar data breach 2018

  8. You can check more victims on –

From these companies more than 1 billion users info was leaked and available on dark web.

Even my own email id was found in Dubsmash data breach 2018. How to check whether you are also been victim in this data breach you can check it on websites like –



Now what to do for preventing this first always enable two factor authentication for all and never use same password for everything, use password manager like lastpaas .

And always use latest versions, update your computer, laptops and phones regularly many of us may be using windows 7.You may think why to upgrade when its working, when its enough for me. Upgrade it use windows 10 which will give you more advantages in terms of security cause hackers have already found the vulnerabilities of windows 7 so you may be hacked easily. And last thing use incognito mode/ private mode/vpn while shopping / browsing, etc.

Cyber Will Be Part Of Any Future Conflict – Whether it’s Nation, State or Terrorism… cofer black

Taking care is better than to cure…

Brain Tattoo:-

  1. In this data breach all of our information is leaked.

  2. Many big companies are been victim for this.

  3. You can check whether your info is leaked on dark web by visiting

  4. Always enable two factor authentication.

  5. Never use same passwords for everything.

  6. Use password manager like lastpass.

  7. Always use latest and updated versions of everything.

  8. Use incognito mode/ private mode/vpn while shopping / browsing, etc.


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