How To Secure Wi-Fi …

Now in our last blogs we saw the reasons to secure our wi-fi or the threats we would suffer form if we do not secure our wi-fi now we will see basic ways by which you can secure your wi-fi ….

Now first you have to go to your router’s admin page to open admin page type in your browser last two digit’s depend upon your router you may find it on sticker present on router at backside you’ll get an ip and password enter it on browser.Now you’ll get into router’s admin page.

Your SSID(Name) never keep it default as company name change it as if a hacker get to know your company by default ip and password he will get access to your router’s admin page. Than Go to Setup, Local Network and change your default IP which is used to access your admin page. Then change your default password by going to maintenance and password. (Location May Differ By Routers Company)

Password of your Wi-Fi keep it at-least 20 charterers long. Yes, 20 charterers long you may say how will you give it to guest no don’t give it to guest and never allow IOT devices like smart TV, maybe Alexa or google assistant, a light bulb, etc. For guests and IOT devices create separate network don’t allow them to access your network,

IOT devices you don’t know with whom they talk I mean from where they download there updates and if that update of a third party light bulb is not secure than your device may get harm cause we made our router secure that no own can come in but it’s a IOT device requesting than router has to give access and boom you’re not safe so create guest network for those who should not have root access. Go to admin page and search MBSSID you may find it in WIRELESS and create guest network.

Security option always keep it to high WPA2-PSK AES or WPA3 when it comes.

Now the last but not least and most important the open ports this is the port by which hackers enter to your system so, make sure you have no open ports and options like post forwarding is turned off.

To check the open port find the option labelled virtual server you may find it in advanced menu –

Now check if there are any open ports and if there are any delete it and than go to DOS SETTINGS in Advanced menu and enable it. It prevents you from d-dos attacks.

Taking Care Is Better Than To Cure….

Brain Tatoo –

  1. Never Keep Company Name As Router’s SSID(name).

  2. Always Change Default ip and pass Of Router’s Admin Page.

  3. Keep At-least 20 Characters As Your Password Which Is Used To Access Wi-Fi.

  4. Create Separate Network For Guest And IOT Devices Such As Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Tv, Smart Bulb, etc.

  5. Always Keep Security Option To It’s High WPA2-PSK AES.

  6. Check Whether There Are Any Open Ports And Delete Them.

  7. On Dos Prevention To Make Router’s Secure Form D-Dos Attacks.


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