Should we connect to public wifi –

Yes/No. I say never, it’s our habit wherever we see a public wifi / free wifi we get connected but it’s not safe whenever you connect to a public wifi a hacker can hack your phone or become man in the middle. Now you may think what is man in the middle it means a hacker will be between you and internet whatever you do on your phone like you search something or type your passwords that all data will go through hacker’s laptop.

Malicious wifi – This wi-fi is created by a hacker we cant identify it cause it looks similar like regular wifi but whenever you connect it you get connected to hackers device and it contains to much risk .

Have you ever imagined a hacker can hack a particular device by hacking your device. Literally, it means first a hacker will hack your device and then using it he will hack other device means all the doubt will be on you. The best way to be safe is not to connect a wifi that is public or not owned by you

What is 5 G (5 Th Generation) ??

5G is the next generation of wireless networks and promises a mobile experience that’s 10x to 100x faster than today’s 4G networks. Even many companies like One Plus, Apple, Mi have launched 5g smartphones. This 5g will impact not only on phones but even from the cars we drive (or that drive us) to the food we eat to the safety of our roads to the ways we shop to the entertainment we share with family and friends and this all will change the way we live.

Speed – 5G speeds will range from 50 mb/s to over a gb/s. The fastest 5G is known as mmWave.

Health – The scientific consensus is that 5G technology is safe.Misunderstanding of 5G technology has given rise to conspiracy theories claiming it has an adverse effect on human health.There have been a number of concerns over the spread of disinformation in the media and online regarding the potential health effects of 5G technology.But it has conformed by scientists that it is totally safe.

IOT (What is internet of things) –

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. The personal or business possibilities are endless. In a simple definition IoT refers to a device which can be connected to internet.

How it will be impacted on the launch of 5g – Data-Transfer Speeds will get 10 time faster, Greater Network Reliability it means network would be more stable.

Some of practical examples would be like 5 g can help cars to improve auto-drive systems, machines will work more faster, the number robots will get increased and we will see robots everywhere.

Brain Tattoo :

  1. Never connect to a public wi-fi.

  2. Connecting to a public wi-fi brings a lot of risk.

  3. 5 g will be more faster and stable than 4 g.

  4. 5 g is not harmful and this is proved by scientists.

  5. 5 g will bring a revolution in IoT (Internet of things ).


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