There is no place to hide….

No Technology That’s Connected To The Internet Is Unhackable ……

First of all we will talk about smartphones. In our today’s day to day life we work with our smartphones till late night and while sleeping or after completion of work we keep our smartphones near us here we give a chance to hackers.

We download apps or games and try to run it, it will ask permissions like..

  1. Storage 💻🖥

  2. Location 🛤️ 🛣️

  3. Media 📱📱

  4. Camera 📷 📸

  5. Contacts 📞 📟

  6. Microphone 🎤🎙

To use the apps without reading privacy policy we give access of everything the ask and because of that anytime apps can access your camera, microphone ,etc. There are many more apps with lots of bugs (issues ) and by taking advantage of bugs hackers can access you. So it is important to keep your smart phones away from you when you are in room or while attending meetings.

I Finally Realized That People Are Prisoners Of Their Phones….That’s Why It’s Called “CELL PHONES

Second precaution we should take is to hide the cameras of our laptops with a piece of paper and a transparent tape. Nowadays we do not use cameras of laptops because of advanced phones.

Source – google

If Our Eyes Could Speak What Would They Say??? Words Our Eyes Would Say, “Please Keep Me Away From Your Smart phones “….

Third precaution we should take is not to put CCTV cameras in private places and I prefer to use wired cameras because today we all prefer advanced tech and that is cctv running on wifi.We all today are trying to use updated things to reduce our work buttt……. Today even a beginner who is learning hacking can hack and access to your WIFI and if one is an expert can easily access your CCTV cameras through your WIFI connection. So I prefer to use wired CCTV CAMERAS

We Worried For Decades About WMDs – Weapon Of Mass Destruction. Now It Is A Time To Worry About wmds – Weapon Of Mass Disruption

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What we are looking for is a future where cars will be comfortable and safe as well as will offer luxury. That means lots of sensors and software’s will be included.Now a days a new system has emerged in cars which is called an auto drive system every latest models of cars have iPad.

Even the Auto drive systems in the cars can be hacked and the life of person inside the car will be controlled by someone so will buying a new car we should take an advice of an expert .

जहाँ जहाँ softwares वहाँ वहाँ Hackers

Source – google

Taking care is better than to cure…

Brain Tattoo :

  1. Keep your mobile phone out of your rooms at night.

  2. Hide cameras of your laptops.

  3. Read privacy policy of apps and games before giving them permissions.

  4. If possible use wired CCTV cameras.

  5. Take expert advice before buying advanced cars.


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