WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update – Stop Using WhatsApp???

In last few days we all have seen this on Whats App and we even Agreed. But the question is how many of you read it ??

There is no other option for us rather then to “AGREE” cause whats app says if we don,t agree it before 8/2/2021 our whats app account will be auto deleted. Whats App says your chats are end to end encrypted means no third party can read it but should we trust it. As we all know Whats App parent company is FACEBOOK and how much we trust facebook we all are aware with the scam’s with FACEBOOK .

WhatsApp shares the following information with Facebook and its other companies: account registration information (phone number), transaction data (WhatsApp now has payments in India), service-related information, information on how you interact with others (including businesses), mobile device information, and IP address. It is also collecting more information at a device hardware level now. Increased data sharing with Facebook will be used to improve ad experience across other products of the company.

Many people say – वैसे भी क्या उखाड़ लेगा हैक करके कुछ है ही नहीं मेरे फोन में !! Ya means seriously many of you may feel same thing even my mom’s reaction was same when I told her about whatsapp’s new policy.

When you’re getting something for free its not actually free but you’re it’s product….

Whats App will use all these data to show you ads even in future you will see ads on whats app . As every problem has its own solution this problem also has solution as Every app which runs in INDIA has to agree government’s law. If, government declines whatsapp policy to force us on sharing data with it’s parent company whatsapp has to listen to government so it’s all on government now.

Every Problem Has Two Solutions – “भाग लो या भाग लो” (run or participate )

Other solution is to switch use something like signal/telegram which is more secure.

While writing this I just got notification CAIT asked government to ban Whats App , Facebook over new privacy policy. I agree with it they should keep our data secure otherwise it should be banned.

read more about it on https://indianexpress.com/article/india/cait-asks-government-to-ban-whatsapp-facebook-over-new-privacy-policy-7140980/

Taking care is better than to cure…

Brain Tattoo:-

  1. Never AGREE anything before reading it.

  2. Switch to Signal/Telegram rather than using Whats App

  3. CAIT asked government to ban Whats App , Facebook over new privacy policy

  4. Whats App will use this data to personalized your ad experience .

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